reduce employment conflicts

Empathy Challenge
Card Game

What is Empathy Challenge

Empathy Challenge is a card game that aims to raise empathy for FDWs by illustrating and simulating FDWs’ real experiences. Positioning as FDWs and employers, players collaboratively negotiate solutions to challenge cards based on varying financial goals and skill levels.


Working with CDE and other NGOs, we aim to distribute copies of the cards through their wide network of local schools, employment agencies and training organizations to reach out to employers and students. We will also carry out more workshops to facilitate the card game. We have already done 5 workshops with various age groups and backgrounds and continue to improve Empathy Challenge based on the feedback we receive.

By illustrating real experiences, the game’s focus is to instigate empathy for FDWs in the very society they have migrated to. Our aim is to reduce employment conflicts through personal understanding and to create cultural impacts.

What is the Purpose

Rules (to be added)